Lanyard with Clip and Mobile Holders


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A lanyard with a cardholder is a need for multitaskers. If you need to carry multiple objects at once, including your phone, these promotional lanyards are perfect. This is made from polyester. It is therefore both cozy to wear and strong. It also comes in a range of beautiful colors. You can choose your preferred color based on your preferences. There is a clip on this lanyard that you may use to attach anything.

These lanyards with your custom design are gifts. You can get a substantial number of lanyards, one for each employee in your company. Therefore, it provides the appearance that they are a well-organized team if everyone wears their identity card on the same lanyard strap. These are the best corporate gifts to give your team if a distinguished visitor is coming to your business. Additionally, this promotional item is a nice gift for guests in your office. These, however, also function as respectable and reasonably priced corporate gifts for any formal event or exhibition. These are not only affordable, but also of high caliber.

fabric is polyester.
Anything can be attached with the top clip, including cardholders and a lanyard.
excellent grade affordable


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