featuring a lanyard reel badge and slide-style belt clip, as well as a clear ID strap. Our superior reel badges are offered in bulk and are constructed to withstand typical wear and tear. The 32mm size is in stock. The forward-facing nature of ID and badges is guaranteed by our no-twist cord technology. It can simply manage a lanyard, rope, chain, or badge clip. Our bulk logo reel badges come with a robust clip that allows for mobility, a back clip, and a vinyl strap with plenty of room for printing. In many spheres of life, it is also the most effective approach to identify someone or an entity. Brilliant colors and functionality combine to make our Round Pullout branded logo Reel ideal for everyday use.

Due to the high-quality plastic used in its construction, it will also safeguard your cards. You can even add a logo to the badge reel to suit your needs. The printed badge reel has distinctive printing. Digital printing with epoxy allows for quick generation of designs on printed badge reels. It serves as a marketing tool as well. They can be given out as free promotional gifts to other people.

Plastic that is transparent is used to make the reel badge.
The reel badge is printable.
32 mm in size.
advertising presents.
available in a variety of hues.


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