Two Tone Ceramic Mugs


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The inside and handle of ceramic mugs with two colors are the only parts of the vessel that are not entirely white in color. These wholesale ceramic mugs are artistic and different enough to draw attention. The total volume of these mugs is 325 ml, which is sufficient. These mugs may be easily attached, are cheap, and are portable. You can add a company logo, a cafeteria logo, or any other message you like to these wholesale ceramic mugs.

These colorful mugs’ sublimation coating is very durable and difficult to remove. You may also add a message to these low-cost personalized mugs using mug printing in Dubai, along with the emblem of a business or restaurant. These mugs are wonderful gifts for get-togethers and celebrations. They might be utilized at family and friend get-togethers as well as corporate or business events where you might be drinking coffee or another beverage. These personalized mugs are fantastic and unique.

ceramic is a strong and long-lasting substance.
colorful promotional mugs
customized for family and friends.
Beverage capacity is 325.
Elegant and distinctive design.
In Dubai, sublimation printing was used to create a multicolored mug.
features two tones.
ceramic handle with color.


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