Black Ceramic Coffee Mugs with Bamboo Handle and Lid


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Coffee cup made of black ceramic with a lid and bamboo handle. Black matte oil finish, 380ml capacity.

The Black Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Parts is a great option for a corporate gift for businesses looking for a useful item that is also environmentally friendly. The exterior of the mug is made of a sleek black porcelain material, while the handle and lid are made of bamboo. This unusual combination of materials yields a contemporary and elegant appearance that can be adapted to a wide range of various workplace layouts.


Additionally, the printing of a customized version of your company’s logo is possible, making this a great opportunity to promote your business and show appreciation for both your staff and your customers. In addition to being a useful and fashionable way to express your gratitude, the Black Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Parts encourages living a more sustainable lifestyle. It works fantastically as a client handout, during company events, or as a thank-you gift for staff members.


One of the key advantages of mugs as promotional gifts is their durability. Unlike disposable items, mugs may be used frequently and are sturdy, so your brand message can be seen and remembered for a long time. Every time they reach for their mug, the receiver is continuously reminded of your company and the enjoyable experience it offered them.


Component: ceramic

Volume: 380 ml

Weight of item: 0.483 kg

110 x 80 x 110 mm in size

30 pieces in a case.

Weight of Carton: 13 kg

Size of Carton: 46.5 x 23.5 x 41 cm.



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