Metal Keychain with Strap


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Metal keychains with straps are trendy and distinctive. Multiple keys can be carried on this unique keychain. It has a silver round dome slot for mounting keys. It had been fashioned from durable metal. As a result, they are durable and sturdy. It has a black leather strap and a square steel component. Both of them add charm to it. The size is available in 5520 mm.

In addition, a laser branding option is provided for adding a logo. The square steel part can be personalized with any pattern or logo. Your most important keys should always be with you. In that situation, these branded keychains are essential. In addition to being stylish, keychains with your company’s logo on them are a great way to promote your enterprise. They are common gifts that are used in events and advertising efforts. They are accessible and incredibly affordable promotional items for small businesses. It can also serve as a marketing tool. It can also be used to make customized keychains for your loved ones.

made of a durable metal material.
A unique square steel design element.
stylish leather and metal strap.
Size: 55 mm by 20 mm.
Using laser marking for advertising printing.
The best application for a unique personalized keychain is as a marketing tool.
Designs that are original and creative are provided.
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