Leather Keychain USB


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A leather keyholder USB has a keychain made of leather and a stylish metal design. It is the perfect giveaway gift for marketing campaigns, company endeavors, and new product debuts. Laser marking and screen printing are the two methods you can use to print logos for your company and brand. The USB drive with engraving is the ideal promotional gift for trade shows and business events. If the USB has a published corporate name, logo, or tagline, it can be used as a logo USB.

It’s ideal as gifts or handouts for the workplace. This USB has a sturdy overall construction comprised of metal and other durable components. The greatest option if you’re looking for a cutting-edge technology present is this USB. Floppy and hard drives still have a lower user-friendliness than USB flash drives.

You could even give it to your friend as a technology gift and customise it with their name.

Pick a stylish USB keychain and key holder to hold your keys.
The metallic framework is water and pressure resistant. There are three distinct memory sizes available: 4GB, 8GB, and 16 GB.
A cool-toned brown leather.
corporate present that will be given to customers.
It is portable and simple.


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