Material: Bamboo Fiber | Item Size: 100×110 mm | Item Weight: 0.150 kg

Fiber Cup Printing Option

Screen Printing

Bamboo fiber cups were made from original bamboo strands. The cover of these fiber cups is made of real polypropylene. The lid is styled as a sip lid. As a result, you can drink tea, coffee, and other liquids from it. Because they are constructed of sustainable materials, these reusable eco-friendly cups help to rid the environment of plastic. As a result, they will surely help you attract more customers. They are environmentally friendly fiber cups with a Dubai brand.

These fiber cups are quite tiny. As a result, they are portable and easy to use. As a result, holding them in your hands is straightforward. These cups have a total capacity of 350ml. As a result, it is sufficient for containing tea or espresso. The silicone bands on these cups are available in a number of colors. The lid of these promotional fiber cups is likewise covered in silicone. The band and lids are available in white, black, red, blue, and green. Screen printing is available as an option. As a result, you can personalize these promotional fiber cups with your company’s or brand’s emblem. Those stated above are the best options for promotional presents.

  • Water capacity is 350 ml.
  • Excellent promotional products.
  • Products that are good for the environment.
  • Bamboo is a strong and durable material.
  • The sip lid and silicone bands are brightly colored.
  • Dubai customized fiber cups.



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