Transparent Water Bottles


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Transparent water bottles come in a variety of hues. Thus, you can use these unique and imaginative bottles. It is built of strong, top-notch PS material and is offered in clear translucent form. The base and cover of this vibrant water bottle are made of PS and stainless steel. The PS material in this bottle prevents your beverage from heating up. The gym, sports, yoga, and the office are all acceptable settings for these branded water bottles.

These bottles are lightweight and portable. They can therefore be transported in a backpack or even a briefcase for the workplace. Additionally, these Hydro Flask water bottles are excellent for promoting a company or brand. These items are eco-friendly and reusable. Total water capacity for these bottles is 750 ml. There are UV printing and screen printing options. You can add logos or insignia to these bottles so that you can use them as hydro flask water bottles. They can be used at parties and professional gatherings. Because they are so often used, water bottles make a good observational subject. leading providers of bespoke gifts in the UAE.


750 ml of water carrying capacity.

leading producers of branded water bottles for presents in the UAE.

materials that are durable and sturdy, such as stainless steel and PS.

Stainless steel is used to make the base.

The item is lightweight and portable.

Screen printing and UV printing are options for logo imprinting.

Translucent clear, transparent blue, and transparent smokey black are the three hues that are offered.



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