A branded sports bottle with a colourful sleeve ought to be your go-to bottle. It is offered in clear, translucent form and is composed of strong, high-quality glass. This stainless steel-covered glass bottle has a holder on the lid so you can easily carry it. This container can also be used to store tea because the colorful sleeve it comes with keeps your beverage from overheating and cooling. This item’s stunning combination of glass, stainless steel, and linen makes it. These branded bottles are appropriate for both the office and the gym. The bright, portable gadget is small enough to fit in a briefcase or even a backpack.

These bottles can store a total of 500 ml of water. These water bottles can have logos added to them in bulk for use as promotional bottles utilizing heat transfer or screen printing methods. These brand-specific water bottles are excellent for showcasing a company or brand at gatherings, meetings, and campaigns.

water carrying capacity of 500 ml.
Ideal water bottles to give as gifts.
translucent glass that is long-lasting and robust.
lid made of stainless steel and a vibrant sleeve.
object that is portable and light.
Water bottles can be bulk-imprinted with logos using screen printing and heat transfer techniques.


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