AA promotional bamboo flask makes a great bamboo bottle. It has every quality that makes a top-notch thermal bottle. It is constructed from real bamboo. It is hence portable and reusable. These personalized bottles have stainless steel bases, lids, and tops. The mix of steel and bamboo gives these flasks their unique appearance. A thermal-sealed cover is also included with these promotional bottles. Your tea and coffee will stay warm thanks to this thermal cover. These newest, unique bamboo thermal bottles are offered. As a result, they are perfect as presents.

The total liquid carrying capacity of these flasks is 430ml. These bottles can be customized to serve as giveaways for businesses. You can produce a high-quality replica of your brand or company logo using screen printing and engraving. This promotional bamboo flask can therefore be customized in huge quantities. They are the perfect giveaways for promotional goods at business occasions. For your loved ones, these bottles can also be personalized. You can also adorn these mugs with colorful designs for an online store. As a result, it will contribute to your brand’s greater visibility.

430 ml of liquid capacity.
bamboo is a tough and resilient material.
Screen printing and brand engraving are choices for personalized water bottles in bulk.
light and simple to hold.
steel cap over a thermal cover.


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