Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottles with Carry Handle


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Double Wall Bottles have stylish Matt finish colors, wide loop handles that are simple to carry, a vacuum insulated feature that maintains beverage temperature for a significantly longer period of time, and a spout lid that prevents spills.

Double-wall stainless steel bottles have gained in favor recently due to their wealth of advantages over conventional single-wall bottles. These innovative bottles can hold both hot and cold beverages since they are designed to keep liquids at the ideal temperature for extended periods of time.

One of the key benefits of double-wall stainless steel bottles is their excellent insulation properties. A barrier against outside temperature variations is created between the inner and outside walls by the double wall structure, which creates a vacuum-sealed compartment. This insulation helps to preserve the contents of the bottle, keeping hot drinks hot for a long time and cold drinks cold for a long time. These bottles maintain your drink at the temperature you like, whether you’re drinking hot coffee on a chilly morning or cool iced tea on a hot summer day.

Additionally, double-wall stainless steel bottles are incredibly durable and resilient. Because of its strength and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is a dependable material for routine use. A second layer of defense is provided by the double wall construction, which reduces the possibility of dents and damage. They are perfect for a range of activities where a durable and long-lasting bottle is needed, such as hiking, camping, and sports, due to their resilience.

The environmental friendliness of double-walled stainless steel bottles is another significant advantage. These bottles provide a more eco-friendly option to single-use plastic bottles in light of growing worries about plastic pollution. By using reusable stainless steel containers, people may reduce their carbon footprint and help to create a cleaner environment.

stainless steel as a material
1.15 Ltrs. 38 oz. double-wall stainless steel insulating
a carry handle and a twist-off lid
Dimensions: 95 mm x 95 mm x 300 mm Item Weight: 0.353 kg Pieces per Carton 25 Carton Box 12.5 kilograms
Size of a carton: 51x51x32 cm


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